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WhoseBill is the easiest way to take care of IOUs and shared bills with friends

WhoseBill takes a new approach to sorting out money with your friends. It keeps track of everything in one place, offsetting debts and payments against each other, and settling up when you're ready. No more trying to remember every IOU, having to split food and utility bills, or post-holiday spreadsheet nightmares – just WhoseBill it!

Whenever you pay for something on behalf of friends or lend them money, jot it down on WhoseBill and we'll remember it for you. As others do the same, WhoseBill totals up everything with each of your friends, letting you decide who should pay next - WhoseBill is it?

When you want to settle up, WhoseBill calls in the repayment, and tracks it until it is complete to make sure you get your money back! Simply rinse and repeat with more loans and joint bills, settling up as often or as infrequently as you like.

WhoseBill also lets you organise money into 'pools' with groups of friends, making complex situations like shared living, clubs or group holidays easy to sort out. You can see who is ahead or behind, and when you settle up, WhoseBill calculates the simplest way to make sure everyone has paid their fair share.

As you connect with friends on WhoseBill, they can help keep an eye on things too. As they record new IOUs and shared bills you can approve or contest them, keeping you in control, whilst letting everyone contribute.

So put away those post-it-notes, calculators and spreadsheets, and let WhoseBill do the work for you.

Use WhoseBill on your computer or mobile

Our full functionality mobile site makes it easy to use WhoseBill from any modern smartphone when you are out and about, and we have an iPhone application in the works too!

Use WhoseBill on your computer or mobile

Using WhoseBill couldn't be simpler!

1. Jot it Step 1 Simply record any joint bills and loans between you and your friends from any browser or your mobile
2. Tot it Step 2 WhoseBill offsets everything to show who owes who overall, and who should pay next
3. Got it! Step 3 WhoseBill organises and tracks settling up to make sure you get repaid
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