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FAQ: Bills & Payments

- Why do I have to approve bills?

When somebody records a bill involving you, it will appear in your inbox for your approval. This lets you decide whether or not you agree with the bill (and your share in the case of joint bills), in which case you can simply approve it, or whether you disagree, in which case you can use WhoseBill to resolve the matter.

If you choose to "contest" a bill, you can add a reason to tell the other people involved why you don't agree. For example, if someone recorded a restaurant bill and split it equally, you might not agree if you only had drinks! When you contest bills, we'll tell all the people involved so that the matter can be resolved, and the bill will stay in everyone's inbox until you approve it. All debts/payments for contested bills are quarantined and don't appear in your positions with friends and pools until it is sorted out.

You can also "block" bills, which lets you get rid of any bills that you absolutely do not agree with. Think of it as a spam filter for WhoseBill which lets you stop other people making false claims about what you owe or paid for. Blocked bills will disappear from your inbox, but can be found by searching for bills from link in your inbox. Blocked bills will remain in the inbox for any other involved people, forcing them to correct the error or take you our of the bill. As with contested bills, any debts/payments will not appear in your positions with friends and pools.