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FAQ: Bills & Payments

- How do I enter bills quickly using the quick add boxes?

WhoseBill lets you enter joint bills quickly using the quick add box on pool and friend pages, and also from the add bill menu. Bills added in this way will always use your default currency, will be unpaid, and will be split equally with either one other person, or the active members of the pool that you choose.

You must enter a minimum of a name for the bill and an amount (in any order) for WhoseBill to recognise and create your bill. You can also then add a number of shortcut codes (after the name and amount) to adjust the bill as follows:

  • !paid - Specifies that the bill should be paid entirely by you
  • !unpaid - Specifies that the bill is not paid yet (default behaviour)
  • ![date] - Specifies a due date for the bill (e.g. "!tomorrow", "!30th Sep", "!next friday", "!31/06/2012")
  • ^[date] - Specifies an occurred date for the bill (e.g. "^yesterday", "^Jan 6", "^last tuesday", "^31/12/2011")

Here are some examples of what you can do:

  • "56 Dinner out" (defaults to today and unpaid)
  • "124.56 Council Tax !paid ^last thurs"
  • "34.24 Electricity ^yesterday !next friday"

We'll be adding more options to the quick syntax in the future, so let us know if there are any other optins you would like to see!