FAQ: Settlements

- How do I settle up?

WhoseBill makes it easy to settle up either with individual friends, or in a pool! Whenever there are outstanding debts, WhoseBill will give you the option to settle up, which will calculate the most efficient set of payments to cancel out all the debts.

When you choose to settle up, you will be able to see the settlement in draft form which lets you see exactly what repayments need to be made by whom, and the total debts that will be repaid when the settlement is complete. If you are happy, you can then send the repayment requests which automatically creates bills for everyone with the amount they need to pay and delivers them to their inbox.

Once all the repayments requests are complete (they have all been fully paid), the settlement is considered complete and all the debts will be "repaid" as a single event. Until the settlement is complete, the repayments will not influence positions with friends or in pools as all the repayments are required in order for the underlying debts to be "repaid".