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WhoseBill can handle any situation involving friends and money

Here's just a few of the ways people are using WhoseBill to make their life easier...

House Shares

WhoseBill makes it easy to keep on top of money when you're sharing a house.

Just create a WhoseBill Pool to keep track of the finances and invite the other members of your household to join. Anyone in the house can add new bills and record payments they make that contribute to the house. WhoseBill keeps everyone informed so you can make sure those bills are paid on time!

WhoseBill calculates how far ahead or behind everyone is and makes a recommendation on who should pay the next bill. If some people are still paying too much, and others paying too little, WhoseBill organises the quickest way to settle up and reset the pool.!

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Group Holidays

WhoseBill can help take all the stress out of managing money for group holidays and travel.

By creating a WhoseBill Pool with the other people you are going away with, you can stop worrying about who pays for what before and during the holiday. Simply let WhoseBill keep track, and at the end of the holiday organise settling up in a couple of clicks!

Whenever someone pays for something such as a flight, hotel or dinner out, they can quickly log the bill in the local currency without having to think about exchange rates.

When you get home WhoseBill uses the current market rates to calculate who owes what in their home currency, and organise repayments in that currency. If you're not too worried about a few pence between friends, you can even choose to settle to the nearest £5 to make things even easier.

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Clubs and Teams

If you're part of a club or team that has regular match fees or subscriptions, and enjoys a few celebration/commiseration drinks, then WhoseBill can make keeping track of who is paying their way easy.

Just create a WhoseBill Pool for your team, and whenever someone 'forgets' to bring their subs, just record the IOU and over time you can see exactly who are the cheapskates! For those post-match drinks that end up with the same few people buying the large rounds, simply record it on WhoseBill and you might even find that those that don't pay their subs actually make up for it by buying the drinks!

At the end of the season, use WhoseBill to organise settling up and optionally fine the person who paid for the least and extra round of drinks!

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Friends and Family

Whenever you're out and about with friends or family, you inevitably lend each other money to cover drinks, dinner and other activities, and it can be a hassle trying to remember everything you have borrowed or loaned.

With WhoseBill, you can simply jot down the IOU and forget about it in the short-term, relying on WhoseBill to let you know how much you owe or are owed overall.

Don't worry about trying to repay the individual loan, as at some point in the future, there will likely be a situation where the roles are reversed and the debt can be 'repaid' as part of another purchase.

If you find that you're always lending money to a particular friend and getting nothing in return, you can use WhoseBill to settle up, and it will call in the debt for you.

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WhoseBill takes care of...

  • Tracking bills so you can make sure they are paid on time
  • Handling equal and uneven splits for joint bills
  • Partial and multiple payments by different people
  • Instant settlement of debts with friends or an entire pool
  • Entering recurring bills by simply copying the previous one
  • Offsetting bills and loans made in different currencies

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